Specifications of 400gsm Business Cards:

400gsm business cards are very effective in fulfilling multiple needs of corporate clients, businessmen and entrepreneurs including formal introduction, brand positioning and business promotion. Attractive business cards can be printed with exciting specification which includes high quality printing, full colour printing mode, 400gsm Gloss or silk paper, single or double sided printing and UV varnish for high protection and attractive looks.  Design for printing business cards can be selected from the available attractive templates or customers can upload their own designs or templates for business cards’ printing. Customers have the freedom to ask the service provider for a complete customized design for printing their cards.


Get Business Cards:

400gsm business cards can be printed at very affordable and market competitive rates with matchless quality of the final product. The minimum of 100 cards can be printed for just £ 17.00 at standard printing quality and one sided printing. The maximum of 10000 cards can be printed for just £ 120.00 at standard and one sided printing. The price is based on the artwork quality which includes standard and advanced, volume of order and sides of printing i.e. one or two. Price will decrease and significant amount can be saved if customers order for bulk printing, while price will increase a bit in case of advanced artwork and two sided printing.

Delivery of Business Cards:

Customers from different regions are facilitated through various online payment modes, so that they can easily pay for their online orders. Standard time for printing of orders is 3 – 5 working days, depend upon the size and nature of your order(s) and the standard delivery time is 1 – 2 working days through standard delivery and next working day through express delivery. Customers from other parts of the world should consult with the service provider for service availability and quotation, prior to place an order. 

Training about Comp Tia A plus exam:

People are getting certificates of Comp Tia A plus. It helps to train and identify qualified, knowledgeable employees and also help in matching them with employers who have jobs to fill. There are many learning organizations that provide the opportunity to get the training about this certificate. Even the employees of the large, medium and small organizations also get training from those learning organizations to get knowledge about information technology and to have their employees skilled.

The Comp Tia A plus, certification measures necessary competencies for an entry level IT professional and the candidates who are competent for an IT level professional required to assemble components based on customer requirements, install, configure and maintain devices, PCs and software for end users, properly diagnose, resolve and document common hardware and software issues while applying and their safety and understand the basics of networking and security. Successful candidates must have an understanding about the basics of virtualization, desktop imaging and deployment.

The learning organizations charge very competitive prices for the training and certification. The prices and courses are all given by the organizations on the website. The interested candidates can check the details of training and examination and can apply for it on the internet. If you want to be certified and want to get knowledge of Information technology, contact with the learning organization.

 The organization will provide the training and give you the basic knowledge about IT. By getting the training, you will be well able to pass the exam. The learning organizations provide the quality services and online training to the candidates to satisfy them. This certificate has a good impact on the employer where you want to get the job.